Customer Service to meet your needs and Insurance Tools at your fingertips!

Customer Service to meet your needs and Insurance Tools at your fingertips!

Our highest priority is to provide top-notch customer service to everyone insured at Harbor/Brenn Insurance Agencies.

Maybe you are the type of person that utilizes their smart phone to its full potential – calendar dates, payments, inventories, documents.  We have an app for that!  At the touch of a button, you can:3-images-2-inventory-auto

  • Have your Auto ID card in your hand
  • Maintain a photo of your car & vehicle information
  • Keep a copy of your homeowner policy declaration page
  • File a claim
  • Pay your bill
  • Catalog your belongings and property with photos using the inventory tools section
  • Receive timely and relevant notifications about office hours, contact info, etc.

To download the “Insurance Agent” app, simply click on the Google Play or Apple App Store button below, when you’re in the app store look for the Insurance-Agent-logo-300x292 icon, once downloaded choose your agency…………that’s us and finally choose your agent.  Now your on you’re way to overseeing your policies with us at the click of a button:%20Google%20Play%20Store%20badge

Perhaps you are the type of person that is online all day, every day and does everything from your computer.  We offer an online client portal. The portal gives you the ability to:

  • Review policy information such as coverage limits, premium amounts or policy terms
  • Request policy changes, change drivers or vehicles or increase coverage limits
  • View and print Auto ID cards in real time
  • Review the status of claims, begin the claim process or submit information about a loss
  • Issue or reissue certificates of insurance or add a holder to a certificate
  • Upload and download files of any type or size in real time – securely and effectively

Simply call or email us at and request your initial invitation to set up your user id and password.

dogsBut let’s say you are the type of person who likes to speak to your agent on the phone or see them in person at the office.  Well, we are here for you.  Appointments are recommended for efficiency and to make sure you get to see the right agent for assisting you best, but walk-ins are also welcome.  We would love to see you in our office!  On a good day, our pet friendly office even has dog greeters there to give a welcome wag of the tail – double wags if a treat is involved!

What if you have a claim outside of office hours?  We offer a 24 hour emergency claim line for our customers.  Simply call our office number at 231-347-8113 and follow the prompts to contact the emergency claim line.

We want to make sure we can accommodate everyone, meeting with an agent is available by appointment if anyone has trouble connecting with us during regular office hours by phone or in person.