Life Insurance

There are a variety of things people want to protect with insurance – including themselves &/or their income! Life insurance can be an integral part of someone’s insurance protection for their families, homes, cars, businesses, business partners, and other considerations.

Two of our companies we use most frequently for life insurance are Auto-Owners and Cincinnati. Both have solid financial rankings and consistently rate in the top 20 insurance carriers nationally. They not only provide life insurance, but a wide array of financial products such as disability income protection, annuities, IRA’s – including Roth IRA’s, Long Term Care Insurance and others.

When should you invest in one of these types of policies? How much protection should you have? How much will it cost? Can you save money by combining it with your other auto, home &/or business policies?

These are all great questions! The answers are not always easy, but we can help you navigate the choices and select options that fit your needs. Please call us for a free – no obligation proposal today!

Feel free to use the Life Insurance Needs calculator below to give you an idea on your life insurance needs.